środa, 14 września 2011

Kalisz made zaprasza na candy

Wszystkich chętnych zapraszam na moje candy

3 komentarze:

  1. ustawiam się i ja w kolejce:-)))))

  2. This is LENA?
    You have a blog?
    And you have the time to speak in a lot of languages?
    And you know about COLORADO U?
    And you know a guy called KERR?
    And another called RICK?
    And they all CULL in KANSAS?
    And it has to " do" with MASSACHUSETTS?
    And a guy called ADE?
    And you work with ZETAS?
    And they " do" in ARIZONA with RAVVY?
    And you are friends with NAT who has friends in CANNES?
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    And you are best buds with Aryan DI?
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